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Our bodies are a source of functionality, pleasure, and sometimes frustration. In a world of high ideals, many of us struggle to balance a healthy weight. There is a pull between enjoying the deliciousness of food and resisting the urge to overeat. Especially on calorific, nutritionally empty foods (I love you ice-cream).

As a result, weight gain and weight loss can be a zero sum game, requiring intense effort to ultimately get back to a healthy position. Yo-yo diets, cleanses, excessive exercise, willpower against temptation…..oh the time and energy.

Some people have superhuman self control, good for them. The Wilhouette Waist Band is here for the rest of us. Wear it under your clothes, and allow the band to control your portion size. Waist Bands prevent the expansion of your stomach, making you feel full earlier and eliminating the desire to overeat. Want that 6th piece of pizza? Not with a Waist Band you don’t. Too full.

The Wilhouette Waist Band. Shape it off.