We want every woman to bounce out of the door feeling fabulous.

We all deserve to be the best version of ourselves.  Every one of us has a unique natural healthy body weight, but it is oh so easy to over consume calories and lose the healthy you. For many, shedding the excess can become as cumbersome as working a second job.
The number one proven solution to preventing weight gain is portion control. Although to stop eating when you’re full can be much easier said than done. The Wilhouette Waist Band works as your will power for you. The Waist Band fits externally around your stomach, and should feel relaxed and non restrictive prior to eating. As you eat past a healthy portion size, the Waist Band limits the ability of your stomach to expand, making you feel full. Like an external stomach reduction.
Made with breathable cotton and featuring adjustable sizing options, Wilhouette Waist bands are comfortable, discreet, and suitable for everyday use under clothing. Invisible to those observers admiring your self discipline in portion control. It is important to note that what constitutes a healthy weight is unique for every individual, thus Wilhouette Waist Bands are available in a variety of sizes – 6 through to 14.
Make life easier for yourself.
The Wilhouette Waist Band. Shape it off.